The Critical Gaze

Reflections on Global Crises in Portuguese-Language Comics

How are regional and global crises depicted and reflected in comics? How does Portuguese-speaking comics position themselves within the  worldwide comic production and comic research? Which comics from  Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique are there, and which of them  are published in Germany?

The lecture series provides a first approach to these central  questions. First, a panorama of Lusophone comics will be given,  spanning the continents of Africa, Europe, and Latin America.  Subsequently, individual comics from Portuguese Language Countries  will be examined for content related to current global crises like  Covid-19 or systemic violence against BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and  People of Color). Finally, a further concern is to reflect on the  position of Portuguese-language productions within the German  publishing industry and comic research and, possibly, to increase  their visibility.

Over the course of the semester, scholars, artists, a publisher, and a  translator will talk about their work with the ninth art in changing  formats - lecture, talk or open discussion. In the last two sessions,  the focus will be broadened to include the Spanish-speaking world, in  order to reveal possible analogies and differences.

The event will take place virtually on Zoom. To participate please  register by sending a short e-mail to, using  the subject “Lusophone Comic”. Thus, you will be included in a  distribution list through which the latest access data will be sent  out every week.